MAC X 15

This MAC X 15 ‘Warm Neutral’ palette is amazing!  It’s my newest eye shadow obsession.  I’ve always been a MAC eye shadow fan, and when I found out I could save $101 by purchasing the palette rather than individual colors, I was SOLD!  They have three palette choices; Warm Neutral, In the Flesh, and Cool Neutral–which I prefer in that order for my skin tone.   I recently purchased the Warm Neutral palette and have been putting together so many fun new looks!  Here’s a close up of mine.  IMG_2024

Here is a side by side of all three options.
1. Warm Neutral 15 warm, neutral shades to create endless looks.
2. In the Flesh: 15 iconic neutral shades, perfect for a classic nude look.
3. Cool Neutral: 15 cool, neutral shades that enhance cool skin undertones.

MAC Warm Neutral Times 15 Eyeshadow Palette – Warm Neutral • M·A·C • $65

MAC Eyeshadow X 15 – In The Flesh • M·A·C • $65

MAC Cool Neutral Times 15 Eyeshadow Palette – Cool Neutral • M·A·C • $65

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If you’ve never used MAC eye shadow before, do it!  It has the best pigments, least amount of fall out, and wears all day!  (In my humble opinion.)


2 thoughts on “MAC X 15

  1. I love MAC eyeshadows too, I have a finished MAC 15 palette and another that has four more until it is completed! I wish I had looked more into it and got one of these palettes to start with as I would have saved a lot of money!


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