World Down Syndrome Day 2018

On World Down Syndrome Day 2018 (3/21/18) I posted several videos, pictures, and quotes to spread awareness and celebrate our differences.  Here is a collection of everything I shared.

Post #1:  Did you know today is WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY?

In honor of this very special day I’m going to share my favorite videos, articles, quotes, and really anything that has inspired me along my journey as a mother to a beautiful boy with a little something extra! I’m also going to share a little about my journey. Feel free to share my posts and spread the word! Let’s honor everyone today with an extra 21st chromosome!#morealikethandifferent #t21rocks #downsyndromelove #wdsd18#rowenjames #theluckyfewACS_0180.JPG

Post #2:  Dear Future Mom,

When Rowen was 1 day old the doctor came in for his usual rounds. Our mid-wife was with him and asked to speak to us about Rowen. I had NO idea what she was about to say! When I first found out that Rowen had soft markers for DS, I WAS SCARED! How will this effect his health? What do I need to learn, do, prepare for to be his mommy? What does Down syndrome really mean? So many questions and fears were swirling through my mind. For a while, I let fear get the best of me! There were MANY moments when I doubted myself. The days and weeks leading up to his official diagnosis (at 1 month) was a blur! I was mourning the loss of the child had I visualized for 9 months, meeting with therapists, looking for specialists, scheduling appointments, and most importantly falling in love with Rowen.

In the last 2 years I’ve learned so much. I learned that Down syndrome is not scary–Down syndrome is LOVE! Rowen has created a space for me to develop a new perspective. This perspective has given me the strength to believe in myself. It’s taught me to love more and fear less. Play more and work less. Take action more and worry less. I try so hard to live in the now instead of fretting about the past or worrying about the future. And most importantly I’ve learned to surrender my plans and have faith in what is.

Down syndrome is not scary–it’s joy, love, faith, and hope!


Post #3: I would not change a thing about Rowen!

Rowen has 1 extra chromosome and that’s just a tiny part of what makes him amazing! He also LOVES music and is currently in music therapy once a week to acquire more signs, learn motions to songs, develop body awareness, and foster social interactions. Plus, it’s just really fun to beat on drums and strum guitars! I can’t wait to learn the signs to this song and sing it with him! The lyrics are just beautiful. *You may need a tissue after this one! 😉


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