Joie De Vivre

I had this graphic tee made in honor of my son, Rowen. Joie de vivre” (or the “joy of living”) is an expression for a rare quality that simply shines forth in some people, an ability to love life to its fullest. (This is so much like Rowen!) Unfortunately, for many of us the hustle and bustle of everyday life can wear us down to a pile of complaints, to do lists, and worries. Joie de vivre comes from within. It’s about noticing the small things, the simple joys of life…The Extra Details! It’s my daily reminder to live more like Rowen and find the joy in the journey!


Tee (wearing XS):
*A Lil Something Extra will customize and create your own tee. The owner, Katie, is a joy to work with. Her family creates Down Syndrome and Adoption Awareness t-shirts and accessories.

Jeans (Size 1/25):
* I found these adorable jeans at a small boutique near my home town. They offer online shopping and I linked this pair above!



Shoes (similar):

*affiliate links

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