Down Syndrome Awareness Month

It’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month and I couldn’t be more excited! 😁 I’ve got BIG plans for this month and can’t wait to advocate for Rowen and all those rocking that extra chromosome. Follow my page, share my posts, ask me questions, and get ready to celebrate, advocate, and inspire!

Here are a few things I’m planning for October.

πŸ’™ I’ll introduce you to some pretty amazing heroes rocking an extra chromosome.

πŸ’› I’ll share videos on Instagram of Rowen doing his thing titled ‘This is Down Syndrome’.

πŸ’™ I’ll share some of my favorite Ds social media accounts so you can follow their amazing journeys.

πŸ’› I’ll post videos, websites, articles, and much more!

What else would you like to see? What do you want to learn?


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