Advocate Like A Mother

ad . vo. cate


A person who publicly supports a particular cause.

Why do I advocate so hard for individuals with Down syndrome? Why do I raise awareness any chance I get? Why do I celebrate differences and share how beautiful life can be raising a child with Down syndrome?

Here are just a few reasons…

1. Around 67% of US Babies with Ds are being aborted after a pre-natal diagnosis. (100% in Iceland)

2. People with physical and intellectual disabilities face discrimination on organ transplant lists and do not receive equal consideration.

3. Individuals with Ds are often labeled and and thought as less than.

4. Isla and Rowen need a strong example to follow.

5. Individuals with Ds deserve the same rights as everyone else.

6. Rowen James Nagel

I will continue to educate, celebrate, and inspire for the rest of my life. I’m gong to Advocate Like a Mother! Who’s with me?

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