Less Stuff, More Joy

January 1 marks a pretty important milestone of each new year. A time to set your goals and intentions. Out with the old, in with the new. This morning I declared a fun little “Purging Project”. I thought I would share just in case you’d like to join in and follow along.

Basically I want to purge at least 1 thing from my house each day. (My goal is at least one, but my hope is that I find way more than just one thing each day.) The theory is that I will end with less stuff (aka clutter) on January 31. I needed my goal to be attainable and not overwhelming. I also needed a place to start, and a bit of a fun challenge.

My hope is that by de-cluttering all “the stuff” I can create more space, time, joy, and happiness for my family.

Here’s how I got started. My husband and I brainstormed a tentative purging schedule to keep us accountable and on track. This project isn’t something that’s going to take a lot of time. (Let’s be real, anything that’s too time intensive never happens.) If we get off a little off track we can double up to catch up.

Here’s our schedule. There’s really no rhyme or reason. We brainstormed quickly and just jotted things down. You can modify this list or start over…whatever best fits your needs.  


  1. Pantry
  2. Junk Drawer
  3. Master Closet
  4. Office Closet
  5. Upstairs Toy Room
  6. Isla’s Closet
  7. Rowen’s Closet
  8. Back Entry Closet
  9. Coat Closet
  10. Laundry Room Shelf
  11. Abby’s Desk Drawers
  12. Abby’s Desk Files
  13. Office Shelf (tall)
  14. Dan’s Office Dresser
  15. Refrigerator/Freezer
  16. Downstair’s Bathroom Cabinet
  17. Guest Bathroom
  18. Hall Closet
  19. Master Bath
  20. Guest Room Closet
  21. Isla’s Dresser
  22. Rowen’s Dresser
  23. Kitchen Drawers
  24. Basement Game Closet
  25. Spice Cabinet
  26. Basement Toy Room (Big)
  27. Basement Toy Room (Small)
  28. Abby’s Small Office Shelf/Totes
  29. Entry Bench
  30. Abby’s Dresser
  31. Night Stands

Now I’m off to purge the pantry. Anything with a 2018 expiration date it OUT!

Who wants to join me?



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