Shop Your Closet: Vol. 1

Who wants to spend less time, money, and energy getting ready each day? I know I do! A GREAT way to accomplish this goal is to SHOP YOUR CLOSET and organize your best basics into quick and easy GO-TO looks.

Think about all those great pieces you bought and have tucked away because you just haven’t figured out how to style them.

This weekend I stopped by my sister’s house to plan outfits for her upcoming trip. She knew she had TONS of great pieces and didn’t want to spend the time, money, and energy shopping for new looks. 

We started by pulling out some of her favorite basics. I asked her to find…

  1. Distressed Denim (light and dark)
  2. Leggings (dress and athlesuire)
  3. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
  4. V-Neck Tees (white and a favorite color)
  5. Tanks (striped and black)
  6. Dressy Blouse
  7. Jean Jacket
  8. Olive Jacket
  9. Black Jacket
  10. Camo Jacket
  11. Black Booties
  12. Taupe Booties
  13. Sneakers (2)
  14. Flats (2)
  15. Heeled Boots

Next we noted all of the activities she was planning to do while on her trip. She needed a few athlesuire looks, many casual looks, and a date night outfit. I started mixing and matching until we had nine different options. The best part is that each outfit can be worn many ways just by switching out the shoes, jacket, clutch, or accessories. I chose colors, prints, and patterns that all play nicely together to make mixing and matching a breeze.

I took a picture of each look. This will be a visual reminder when packing and while getting ready. Below you will see a flat lay and an “in real life” picture of all nine outfits with shoppable links. I wasn’t able to link exact styles for every item since many of these peices had been in my sister’s closet (collecting dust) for quite some time.  I did however find very similar items so you can recreate any look you love!  

Tell me…

Which look is your favorite?

How do you save time, money, and energy getting ready?

Athlesuire 1

Athleisure 2

Casual 1

Casual 2

Casual 3

Casual 4

Casual 5

Casual 6

Date Night


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