5 Spring Trends to Try NOW

1.  Neutrals 

People are opting for neutral monochromatic looks this winter/spring.  You can go head-to-toe neutral or toss on a neutral top with your favorite jeans.  Neutral statement accessories are also a great way to add this trend to your wardrobe.  Toss on a neutral with a white pair of jeans and your chic factor will sky rocket!

2. Polka Dots 

The polka dot has been around for over a century and it seems to hit the spot. 😉 This season polka dots appear on tops, jackets, jeans, shoes, bags, you name it!  This classic print is a FUN way to liven up your basics.  Try it in a bold color to really make a statement. 

3. Tortoise 

Tortoise is an elegant way to accessorize any look.  This trend will never go out of style and it flatters all skin types.  You can add tortoise to your look with a fun earring, a belt buckle, a pair of sunglasses, or the hardware on a clutch.  I’ve also noticed it’s actually becoming a nail trend.  (google it)  It’s easy for anyone to rock this resin trend.  

4. Snake Skin 

I was on the fence about this trend, but after searching my favorite retailers I’m getting excited to see how I can incorporate small pops of snake in my wardrobe.  I’m thinking I might start with a cute tee and move towards a fun blouse or wrap dress.  As I look at all of my options (tops, skirts bags, heels, boots, flats) this print is really starting to grow on me and it might just slither it’s way to the top of my list.  

5. Wrap Dress 

Out of all the trends, this is by far the most flattering.  A simple wrap dress looks good on most all body types.  Pick a neutral (black, navy, grey, cream) and you have a VERY versatile piece for spring.  Pick a punchy print (floral, polka dot, snakeskin, leopard) and you’ll stand out in the best way!  


What trends are you most excited about for spring?  What would you like to learn more about?


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