Spring Capsule Wardrobe: For Boys

Creating a capsule wardrobe for your children can be just as convenient, if not more, than creating one for yourself. Getting them dressed each morning can’t take too much time, effort, or energy if you need to get were you’re going!

As I prepare to purchase new spring gear for my three year old son, I’m making it a point to find pieces that can mix and match easily. Here are some simple guidelines I’m keeping in mind.

  1. Select a simple neutral color pallet. ( I went with navy, light blue, and grey.)
  2. Select one or two colors that will add a ‘pop’. (I chose red and a little olive.)
  3. Find basics that can layer. (sweatshirts, jackets, etc.)
  4. Create a healthy mix of solids and patterns.
  5. Buy 3-4 of your favorite pieces from each of the following categories.

Jeans & Joggers

Sweatshirts and Jackets

Long Sleeve Shirts






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