Spring Refresh: 4 Easy Steps

Refreshing your spring essentials can be so much fun…and a lot of work if you don’t know were to start. I’m breaking it down to 4 easy steps, so you can get spring ready in a flash. Click HERE for a free printable PDF Checklist. Let’s get started!

  1. Organize your spring wardrobe into 5 sections. Actually pull things out of your closest and drawers and lay them out on the floor, bed, chair, wherever. You want to be able to visually see everything. If you have a TON, just work on one section at a time.

SECTION 1: Tops (tees, jackets, cardigans, tanks, etc.)

SECTION 3: Bottoms (jeans, skirts, shorts, joggers, etc.)

SECTION 2: Dresses (maxi, wrap, t-shirt, etc.)

SECTION 5: Accessories (hats, necklaces, earrings, scarves, bracelets, sunglasses, bags, etc.)

SECTION 4: Shoes (flats, wedges, mules, sneakers, etc.)

2. Sort each section into LOVE IT and LEAVE IT

  • Keep the LOVE IT pile out and get ready to take inventory of what you have and what you need.
  • Sell or donate the LEAVE IT pile. Get it out of the way to make room for your NEW fresh styles.

3. Take inventory! Do you have the following items for spring? Print off the FREE CHECKLIST to better help you with this step.

4. Shop for the items you are missing. This is the FUN part! Each essential listed above is linked to a favorite! These are styles you’ll have in wardrobe for a long time. Think the basic building blocks that are also on trend and affordable! Just click the styles you need and ADD TO CART! An easy Spring Refresh without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. *Need more help or suggestions? Let me know!

ALL DONE! Now you have a cohesive Spring Wardrobe based on essentials. You can mix & match everything with ease and trust that getting ready just got easier.

Tell me—how did you do?


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