Target Haul for Summer

Hello all! It’s been a LONG time since my last blog post. With Covid, working from home, quarantine, and everything else in between my schedule has not looked the same. I’m beginning to step into our new normal and navigate what this side of Covid looks like. I’m kicking things off with a Target Try-On. Why? Because it’s fun! Because it brings me joy! Because Target is awesome!

First up…GRAPHIC TEES. I tried out 4 graphic tees in this haul. I love them all equally and I’m wearing the XS in all four sizes. You can see that the fit is all a little different depending on the brand and style. The shorts go in and out of stock. I linked them and a similar pair for only $17.99. The shoes are not from Target, but are my favorites!

Next up…DRESSES. I found two great summer sun dresses both $20 or less. I’m wearing the XS in both styles. I am 5’2″ so the length of the pink dress was a bit long. I took a small rubber band and created a small knot. All of the shoes are Target and fit TTS.

Pink Tank Dress (Only $15!)
Coin Necklace
Camo Dress (Only $20!)
Long Necklace
Bracelet Set (only $9.99)

Finally, I rounded up a few recent finds that are just for FUN!

Liquid IV — So great for staying hydrated over the summer!
Floral Serving Dish (Only $7.99)

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