Building an Inclusive Collection of Books for Young Children

As a former first grade teacher, mother of two, special needs advocate, and children’s book lover, I decided to inventory our collection of books to create an even more diverse collection. I’ve compiled a list of books to teach diversity, equality, and acceptance. Many I own, and many I have on my wishlist.

As I began adding books to my collection here are a few things I thought about.

  1. Does the book include diverse characters (and main characters) of different color? Gender? Age? Differently-abled?
  2. Does the book promote inclusion and equality?
  3. Does this text accurately reflect experiences in terms of setting, characters, and illustrations?
  4. Is the text relevant now?
  5. How could this text motivate, connect, and inspire?
What’s Inside You Is Inside Me, Too is a book that teachers that every child, every person, every living thins is unique in big part, due to chromosomes. Children with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome.
Remarkably You teaches children that no matter your size, age, color, you have the know-how, savvy, and smarts to change the world.

Here are even more books you can begin exploring. *All linked and ready to shop. If you have other recommendations, please let me know!



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